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"I came to MTrue not knowing which way to go. The man I have been dating since last year exclusively has decided he's just not ready to commit to me. I asked MTrue if she could see anything in my palm that indicated when I will get married -- and if this guy is 'the one'. I signed up for an In Depth Reading and MTrue pointed out several lines and markings that indicated I will be married by next year -- and most likely to the same guy! I am relieved because I really love him, and realize he had some horrible years with his cheating ex wife. MTrue told me about my affection lines (horizontal lines on outer edge of palm under little finger) - and that these symbolize the love relationships I will have in my life time. She pointed out I have only one marriage cross (x mark on my pointer finger mount) and this means I am capable of having one happy marriage. MTrue also noted my Fate line (long vertical palm line that runs up toward middle finger) and my Apollo line (vertical palm line that runs up toward ring finger) join to form a partnership at age thirty-five and that's the age I will be next year! MTrue also said I love to heal and assist others, because I have deep empathy lines (short vertical lines positioned on little finger mount)on my left palm. As a bonus answer, MTrue told me I should have three children because there are three tiny vertical lines attached to my Mercury crease where the little finger joins the palm. I am a very satisfied customer.
Your Fingertips by Palmistry Expert MTRUE
Did you know the length of your finger tip segment (otherwise called first phalange) portrays clues to your personality? Your base finger segments represent basic needs; middle segments represent social needs; and tip segments represent higher/spiritual needs otherwise termed as ‘meta-needs’. Once basic and social needs are fulfilled, one can go on to develop whatever brings greater spiritual satisfaction in life. So I’m not referring to the length of the finger – just the length of the fingertip. Next time when you are hand-watching, if you notice a person has relatively longer fingertip segments compared to his second and third phalanges – you can easily guess he’s hard-wired to be working on his meta-needs.
*Longer Jupiter (pointer) fingertip of dominant hand reveals need for self-actualization or living ones’ dreams; of non-dominant hand, need for self-realization and discovering ones’ identity or purpose.
*Longer Saturn (middle) fingertip of dominant hand reveals need for justice or humanitarian actions; of non-dominant hand, desire to see love in all of humanity.
 *Longer Apollo (ring) fingertip of dominant hand reveals need for true beauty; of non-dominant hand, need for laughter and light.
 *Longer Mercury (little) fingertip of dominant hand reveals need for broadcasting truth; of non-dominant hand, need for healing/perfect harmony/ knowledge of the unknown.
* And lastly, longer thumb tip reveals a ‘take charge’ personality: longer thumb tip of dominant hand reveals one who can give orders; of non-dominant hand,  GOOD ego.
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 MY BIO: As “MTrue Palmist” I’ve had the distinction of accurately reading thousands of client’s palms from all over the world for over thirty years. I’ve edited for Astro Abby; been a guest on ‘Wisdom Radio’; local T.V.; and performed at numerous parties; but prefer doing private in-depth readings for individual clients. I’ve provided palm reading services over the Internet for the last fifteen years - offering private in-depth readings sent by e-mail. If interested in a private reading, you may view my site, “Mystery Palm” at: ~ or feel free to e-mail me You can visit my Mystery Palm Facebook site

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