Bridgett Walther

Endorsed by some of the most exciting and popular celebrities, Bridgett Walther’s astrology forecasts have been the guiding light for thousands of people over the years. Walther has a long list of loyal followers including Cher, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora…. However, there is no typical astrology/numerology client. In fact, her clientele extends worldwide due to her loyal internet following.


Her high success rate is attributed to her accuracy in uncovering useful, timely information with humor and compassion in some of the most sensitive issues of life. Using her intuition and the art of astrology, she encourages, guides and listens to others’ concerns and becomes a special friend. Frequently, Walther receives praise from site visitors that believe she is writing her forecasts especially for them.


Walther began sharing her gift with the public when she created a weekly-televised show called “Starcast” on an Ohio ABC affiliate. Due to the show’s popularity, she decided to move her program to a larger market in Tampa Bay. She also developed and hosted her own live call-in radio astrology/relationship show.


Within a short period of time after moving to Florida, Walther was introduced to now good friend Cher. After just a few readings (mostly about relationships), Cher and Bridgett developed a series of astro-relationship audio tapes entitled “Cher’s Astrological Guide to Relationships” and distributed them through her mail order catalog called “Sanctuary.” A year later, Bridgett co hosted “Psychic Encounters,” an infomercial with Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura).


Walther has written and recorded daily, weekly and monthly forecasts available throughout the world and writes astrological, advice and numerological columns for national and international magazines.


Her internet career began when she was asked to be Adam Curry’s astrologer on his site, Metaverse. She then wrote humorous, sassy, sexy forecasts for Playmate Gillian Bonner Caine's website. Playboy Online published a feature about Walther and included her forecasts and predictions for their Millennium issue. Additionally, Bridgett has written forecasts and advice columns for the LA market.


In 1999, acquired Bridgett’s site, inviting her to write timely features and astro forecasts for their enormous clientele. Soon afterward, Ticket Master acquired, and Bridgett became a member of Barry Diller’s group of companies, serving forecasts to over eighty CitySearch sites in the US and other countries.


Bridgett began writing the monthly numerology column for the U.S. edition of Elle Magazine 10 years ago and wrote quarterly astrology forecasts for Elle Accessories Magazine and weekly forecasts for Life and Style magazine, a Bauer publication, for two years. Her forecasts and relationship advice have been viewed daily online at,,, various first tier mobile carriers, and are regularly available on


Bridgett has also written astrology features for Time Inc’s custom publications, Underwater Amsterdam, “Shark,” Amsterdam’s “IN” Magazine, The Daily's Fashion Week edition, KLM’s in-flight magazine and provided daily astrology content for Ericsson Mobility World MMS cellular service. She was the astro/numero cell content provider for Hachette Filipacchi, and has provided content for teen astro magazines.


Bridgett also writes promotional and advertising content and has participated in events with an astrological or numerological bent to promote products for Movado, Dior, Stella McCartney fragrance, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstroms, L'Oreal fragrance division, EnergyMuse Jewelry and others.

Bridgett is a member of the Writers' Guild and N.A.P.W., She Writes, as well as the Ellis Island Foundation.


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