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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your personality, appearance, and intensity set you apart from ordinary mortals. Even if you rely on humor or eccentricity in social and professional situations, you’re really a philosopher disguised in a clown’s suit. No matter what sort of work you do, you yearn to write, create or teach. You view these forms of communication as noble and admirable. It’s nearly impossible for you to quietly fall in line and obediently take orders. Although you respect power and authority, you may have trouble peacefully coexisting with them. Your father may play a pivotal role in your personality and relationship choices. Perhaps you imitate him or struggle to make him proud. Or perhaps you try very hard to be different from him and reject his influence. It may be wise to carefully consider the impact your father has had on your choices. In order to achieve considerable success, you need to learn to cleverly blend your outstanding gifts with the power, strength, and deep pockets of others. You need to do this without rancor, jealousy or unfocused competition. In other words, you’ve got to be able to take direction and learn from people more qualified or powerful than yourself. You have enormous personal power and drive to attract opportunities and wonderful relationships, but anger or resentment could interfere. Tap into a power source bigger than you are. Find something to believe in. Without enduring faith, you run out of steam. . . and hope. You don’t function well as an agnostic. To really hit your mark, always reach for something bigger, better, and most importantly, divine. When others argue with you, consciously avoid getting angry or defensive. Your family background is something you can learn and benefit from, but may also present challenges. In your quest for independence, you may point out how different you are from relatives or your old neighborhood. Once you feel comfortable and less defensive, you’re more likely to see the value in past events. You possess more strength and staying power than most. No matter how you look, you’re sturdy and persistent. The world of ivory towers and clever chat confronted by an unacceptable situation, you obsess over it until matters are satisfactorily resolved. Your handshake is as good as a written document. When you form friendships, you intend to maintain them for life. Privacy is essential and even your closest friends are expected to not cross certain lines. Guided by intuition and inspiration, you cover your tracks with facts and details to satisfy a logic-hungry world. But behind each move is pure alchemy. You’re more sensitive and emotional than casual acquaintances realize; in fact, your feelings can be easily wounded. You’re deeply affected by the environment and esthetics. Unvarnished nature fills a real emotional need. Because you tend to give any undertaking your very best, you must create balance in your life. After a day of dedicated discipline and effort, allow yourself complete relaxation to restore energy and enthusiasm. One sure-fire indicator that you’re out of balance is a short-tempered, crabby mood. Sometimes your perspective is thrown out of whack and you feel put upon or used by others. Be aware of self-pity and nip it in the bud. No matter how independent you think you are, you enjoy being needed and connected. Self-pity creates isolation, making it a luxury you cannot afford. A sensual being, you enjoy being touched. You also enjoy the texture of things. From cashmere to smooth marble, you delight in tactile variety. Colors also affect your mood, especially combining medium warm colors and deep, cool hues. You’re a spectacular blend of Aries and Taurus - the zesty cocoa-chili of the zodiac. Fascinating, alluring and mesmerizing, you can be extremely warm and sociable when you’re in the mood. Your privacy, however, is sacrosanct. There are times when you want to be completely alone with your thoughts - perhaps to create, or put the day’s events in some sort of logical order. You can be soft and yielding, responsive to music, art, and fragrance; but you can also be authoritative, commanding, and driven. Your closest friends and loved ones often learn to recognize your changing moods, and wisely schedule important talks or encounters accordingly. Your head and neck, though attractive, may be somewhat accident-prone. Stress injuries to your jaw and neck muscles may cause great discomfort. Ear infections were probably a regular part of your childhood. Your speaking voice, however, is rich, deep, and hypnotic. You can soothe or excite others with your powerful voice. You have the soul of an artist. No matter what line of work you choose, there will always be a part of you deeply attracted to art. Boredom can get you into a heap of trouble. You may create problems or controversy as an antidote to tedium. A good argument or debate tends to cleanse your soul and clear the air - even when it intimidates others. A part of you never stops proving and re-proving your legitimacy and “righteousness.” Even when others are convinced of your accuracy or talent, a residual amount of insecurity continues to create self-doubt. If you’re an artist or performer, you may decide to never read reviews because your feelings can be deeply hurt by others’ callous remarks. It’s important to not assume the worst, particularly about others’ motives. Give things more time and make an effort to not be defensive. Rich foods and sauces may appeal. Sweets may also get the better of you. You’re a passionate, physical, sensual soul who loves without limit - and overindulges your senses like there’s no tomorrow. 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