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For Jan 23,24,25 -

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!  The first impression you make rarely reveals your complex layers or deep sensitivity. You protect yourself from others' prying questions and unwanted attention, but at the same time, provoke others into taking notice. Electric and unpredictable, you have enormous ability to attract and disarm - but sustaining a long-term relationship or activity may require more determination than you bargained for. Swept up in the romance and exuberance of something new, you may understandably ignore the realities lining up before you. You tend to get addicted to love, passion and peak experience. You love the rush of throwing yourself hook, line and sinker into the abyss of the ocean and being engulfed in drama and intensity. (This may explain why some of you are actors.) It takes a special partner to capture and maintain your undivided attention. When others turn into walking, talking snores, and life is too predictable, you expertly drum up loads of distractions to keep friends and family members on edge. People sometimes feel exhausted after spending time with you. You're like the eye of the storm - majestic and deceptively calm while everything around you churns out of control. You require loads of fortitude and patience to maintain traditional job or stick with repetitive tasks. You're much better at making a dramatic presentation that brings everyone to his or her feet and heave a collective sigh. You're a phenomenal entertainer, artist or salesperson. Your Achilles heel is usually your stubborn resistance to anything that vaguely resembles conformity or tradition (translation: feeling trapped). No matter how charismatic and talented you are, this contrary trait could eventually cause problems. Some of you may never be able to accept that the rules apply to everyone - even (cough) you. You pride yourself on being 'the exception' and may put yourself in unhealthy circumstances as a result. You may struggle with depression, loneliness or compulsive behavior. Don't try to fix yourself without expert professional help. You're exceptionally gifted and require the steady, nonjudgmental support of friends and family.  Even though you crave excitement, avoid substances that make your heart race or put undue strain on your cardiovascular system. Others nearly always suspect that you’re hiding something, or that there’s more going on than you’re revealing. They may be right - you’ve got a lot more on the ball than you share in casual conversation. Never one to brag or beat your chest, you enjoy standing off to the side and observing the parade of peacocks strutting by. Your powers of observation are so well developed that you can mimic others with inspired accuracy. You need regenerative time to collect your thoughts and recharge emotional batteries. Constant socializing, crowds, or a whirling dervish work schedule is no good for you. You must take some time every day to put your impressions and ideas into some sort of cohesive order. This cannot happen in a noisy disruptive environment. You benefit from privacy, silence, and a sense of safety. You’re a true original that refuses to play ball according to the same old accepted rules - rules are for breaking as far as you’re concerned. Averse to obediently following the leader, you break away from the crowd and dare others to follow. (Yes, you can be a rabble-rouser, thank God.) Your ability to identify hypocrisy is quite remarkable and can serve as an eye opener for fellow truth seekers. You’re not interested in comfort for comfort’s sake. Sitting on the couch with chips and the remote control is only pleasurable for brief periods of time. You also enjoy pushing the envelope, just to see how far you can go before starting a domino effect. Wherever you are, there is an atmosphere of creativity and change.  That’s your job - to challenge the ‘safe’ status quo. Some of you turn your private life into your greatest masterpiece - an homage to freedom of choice and unique expression. White picket fences just aren’t you. You’re fascinated by all kinds of relationships. You wonder what people see in each other and why certain people succeed when others fail. You observe human behavior with a researcher’s eye and a poet’s sensitivity. You enjoy people, but need to feel well prepared before entertaining or interacting with them. You deeply appreciate tranquil privacy even more than a busy social calendar. You need to feel needed - even irreplaceable - yet still require privacy to protect your emotional balance. Your home and work responsibilities are very important to you. You cannot bear to let others down or back out of commitments. As a result, you may agree to arrangements that inconvenience you, but benefit others. People are drawn to you and your accomplishments and habitually pin huge expectations on you. This creates a great deal of stress, especially because you tend to be a perfectionist and can’t bear to disappoint. This is another reason why you often prefer being alone: it may be the only time when you’re confident you’re not failing to meet another’s needs. The burden and illusion of image will play a major role in your life. Ideally, you’ll learn to separate your inherent worth from others’ hopes and wishes. It’s important to correct false assumptions about your background, abilities or intentions, because rumors can be misread as fact. Being authentic is far more important than mirroring others’ hopes. Remember Aquarius - this is your life - no one else’s. Born this weekend are FIONA CAMPBELL WESTGATE, Marilyn Kube, Diane Lane, Michael Hutchence, Pierre S. DuPont IV, Graham Kerr, Balthazar Getty, Steve Perry, Steven Adler, Seymour Cassell, John Hurt, Sam Cooke, U. Thant, D.W. Griffith, Sir Francis Bacon, Piper Laurie, Linda Blair, Olivia D'Abo, Chris Lemmon, Joseph Wambaugh, Lord Byron, Willa Ford, Teddy Wayne Gentry, George Balanchine, Bill Bixby, Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan, Ann Sothern, Neil Bush, Terry Murphy, Andre-Marie Ampere, Rasputin,  Ivan The Great, Champlain, Warren Zevon, Tatyana Ali, Mischa Barton, Nastassia Kinski, Maria Tallchief, Sharon Tate, Robert Motherwell, J. Howard Marshall, Michael Des Barres, Neil Diamond, Leonard Goldberg, Jools Holland, Doug Kershaw, Aaron Neville, Michael Ontkean, Mary Lou Retton, Keech Rainwater, John Belushi, Carlo Farinelli, Frederick The Great, Walter Haas, Jr., Ernst Heinkel, Edith Wharton, Alicia Keys, Virginia Woolf, Jennifer Reece, Mia Kirshner, Robert Allen, Robert Burns, W. Somerset Maugham, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michael Cotton, Andy Cox, Etta James, China Kantner, Dinah Manoff, Eduard Shevardnadze, Leigh Taylor-Young, Gary Tibbs, Benedict Arnold and William Colgate.