For May 27 (very important day!) Happy Birthday, Gemini! Complex to the core, you’re unique among your Gemini brethren because you frequently seek time away from crowds, busy streets, and communication devices. You may actually forget to take your cell phone with you - something that most Geminis would never consider. Too much stimulation annoys you. You prefer taking all the time you need to make choices or reach conclusions - and don’t care to bring others into your thought process unless it’s unavoidable. You enjoy every moment of privacy and time alone you can cobble together. Some Geminis fear being alone or slowing down because they worry they might lose their edge or miss out. Not you - your greatest discoveries generally take place in the vast prairies of your magnificent, inventive brain. In order to do your best thinking, you require silence - or some sort of non-competing music or sound. Because you adore music and private pursuits, you don’t need a crowd to feel validated or alive. You don’t require a hustle-bustle social whirl to feel accepted or important. You seem to prefer a quiet, uncomplicated life that gives you freedom to come and go as you please. You have nothing against love, passion, and relationships - as long as your privacy and freedom are not compromised. If forced to choose between being alone and free or being in a long-term relationship with required concessions, many of you would happily settle for being alone. Because of your active inner life, you may appear to shut others out from time to time. Some of you battle drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse. As bright and perceptive as you are, you inevitably put yourself to the test by going to extremes or resorting to compulsive, obsessive behavior. Some of you are compulsive workaholics and become wildly successful or famous. Others are keenly competitive and constantly strive to break previously set records. Still others feel a burning desire to speak the truth and wake up the world to real issues. True to your Gemini roots, you have at least two distinct sides. Some of you straddle two worlds much like a double agent. Others express duality in serial form. Because you are complex and not necessarily easy to live with, close relationships may feel like the final frontier. Since it’s not easy for you to trust others or to recover from episodes of betrayal, it’s wise to seek therapy instead of attempting to fight inner demons on your own. Born today are Her Ladyship BONNIE HUTTON, Lisa Lopes, Pat Cash, Bruce Cockburn, Senator Christopher Dodd, Joseph Fiennes, Neil Finn, Peri Gilpin, Eddie Harsch, Dolores Hope, Neil Judd, Peter Sears, Don Williams, Hubert H. Humphrey, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Julia Ward Howe, Jay Gould, Wild Bill Hickok, Georges-Henri Rouault, Dashiell Hammet, Rachel Carson, Vincent Price, John Cheever, Sam Snead, Herman Wouk, Christopher Lee, Henry Kissinger, Mai Zetterling, William Sessions, Harlan Ellison, Ramsey Lewis, Lou Gossett, Jr., Allan Carr, Bruce Weitz, Norma Jean Almodovar, Lisa Niemi, Steve Pagano, Todd Bridges, Neil Finn, Peri Gilpin, Sean Kinney, Cedric Smith, Frank Thomas, Todd Collins and Antonio Freeman.

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