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Happy Birthday, Leo! A self-starting original that refuses to cave into others’ expectations, you carve out a new path for admirers to follow. Often uncompromising and highly creative, you’re one complex Leo – and not necessarily a breeze to live with. Your intensity and dedication to a cause, job, or lifestyle may weaken relationships with some, especially if your partners have fragile self-esteem. Because of the demands on your time and energy, as well as your powerful urge to express, experience, and explore, you simply don’t have the desire to nursemaid a dependent mate. Because you’re so convinced your way is the only way, you may run afoul of the law from time to time, and probably remain unrepentant. You’re passionate, stubborn, and an absolute original. Strong willed even as a child, you tend to be the center of attention in most situations, even if you never actually demand star billing. You’re a high-beam ray of light so intense that people are compelled to pay attention, even when they get burned or blinded. Although you have little interest in perpetual, routine hand holding, you do expect your significant other or close friends to tend to your needs on demand. Call this your ‘artist’s mentality’ if you like. You must always keep the tools of your trade close at hand because inspiration hits you at odd times. One of the most frustrating things is to not be able to express or record brilliant, innovative ideas as they develop. Although your methods may vary according to the occasion, you generally make it your business to coerce, convince, and compel others. If you’re able to change everyone’s mind except for one person, you won’t rest until you’ve also won that person’s heart and mind. Your persistence is amazing, making it so important that you choose healthy, smart habits and activities. You are just as grimly determined to stay the course in negative things as in positive things, if you get my drift. You take great pride in telling the truth and delivering on your promises. Your back and chest may give you trouble from time to time, but a healthy diet and lifestyle may be prophylactic. At times, you’re as brassy and bold as can be – seemingly bursting with pride and confidence. Your talent, appearance and professional achievements also prop up your reputation as an authority figure or public darling. What lies beneath your apparent strong personality is something quiet and sensitive – even fragile. You’re a dichotomy because you’re driven to serve, defend, and represent others. You want to heal, protect and entertain as many people as possible, even though you frequently fight back tears and fears of abandonment. It may be that you have an urgent desire to toss out lifelines because long ago, someone did the same for you. No matter how ‘important’ your position in life, you never stop feeling vulnerable – as if everything you’ve earned and acquired could suddenly be swept away by the next big wind. So you never lose your compassion. You don’t respect others’ haughtiness or feelings of entitlement. Instead, you are enchanted by those that have struggled against massive odds, persevered and won. Yes, Leo – you never stop looking for heroes. Not surprisingly, you’re pretty heroic, yourself – even if you’re unable to recognize it. Because you’re so emotional, passionate, and perhaps a bit otherworldly, you must be very careful about substance abuse. Prescription pain medicine could become your nemesis. In your case, “recreational” drinking or drug use doesn’t actually exist. You’re so soulful that sensitive types can actually feel your moods. Romantic and responsive, you don’t necessarily want to know a lover’s faults. In a way, you were born too late. You belong in the time of legends and chivalry. You value your freedom of expression. You’re not easily domesticated and don’t do well in repressive situations. You’re a bold, swashbuckling Leo, eager to take a dare. You’re usually the first one in your group to try something new, partially because you need to be first and partially because you can’t bear boredom. You’re all about the best, brightest and biggest. If you enjoy something, you do it to death – and have been known to put yourself and those near you in peril. Peak experiences are your drug of choice. You test others’ limits as well as your own – and then you do it again. Once you’ve explored Machu Picchu, you see no reason to repeat the experience. You immediately start looking for something more challenging or extreme. Male or female, you’re not a domesticated herd animal. Competitive, intense, and fiercely alive, you’re the golden child in any group. You can’t help but stand out. Many are in awe of you. A considerable number of bystanders are envious and feel ripples of glee when one of your noble experiments fails. You’re much too much for most folks. An alleged flop that might devastate most people gives you a thirst for victory. You don’t play by the same rules that less adventurous types do. A perfect job for you might be a wartime foreign correspondent. You want to live each moment as if it’s your last. A remarkable communicator, you know how to capture a complicated tableau with a few well-chosen words. You seem to enjoy barely escaping trouble or danger. You don’t view the world like safety-first rank-and-file people do. In your eyes, the world is the Daytona 500 – gritty, competitive, do or die – and you love it! Easy living is far too tame and tedious. In fact, many of you deliberately find ways to make simple tasks almost Byzantine in complexity. Tough, smart, and a remarkable come-from-behind story, you may find yourself knee-deep in controversy from time to time. 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