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Happy Birthday, Leo! Artistic and aesthetic, your presence transforms most activities into something unique, bold and entertaining. Depending on your mood, you may be dramatic and regal, seductively powerful or even hysterically funny. The face you show to the world is notoriously disarming. Because you have the heart of an artist, you are more sensitive than acquaintances or peers often realize. You seem so self-assured, accomplished and together that others may fail to notice that you are filled with vulnerability and yearning just like they are. More people envy you than sympathize. No matter what your state of mind, your presence telegraphs enormous self-confidence. As a result, others may push you to the edge of despair, always assuming that you can take it. Periodically, you hunger for total privacy away from the rest of the world and its nagging demands. You may hole up in a cabin and cut yourself off from outside interference or intervention. These cloistered moments of solitude are excellent for producing creative and emotional breakthroughs. You cannot function optimally if you feel smothered or overwhelmed by others’ needs. Navigating through the overstimulation of crowds, noise and other intrusive externals tears you apart by inches. For the sake of your health, soul, and effectiveness, YOU NEED PERIODIC ESCAPES – or at least a decent annual vacation. Your vision of truth fuels each decision you make. Frequently your truth may be at odds with the rest of society. You wear the mantle of eccentric genius or maverick very well – probably because you sense that others will eventually come around to your way of thinking – and you’re convinced that your perspective is the correct one. Your standards are excruciatingly high – not only for yourself but also for those you interact with. Because you are so strong, potent, and focused, you don’t have much interest in less ambitious or aware folks. Your circle of friends may be very small and concentrated, but your legion of admirers is huge. Unafraid to rock the boat and stick pins in popular myths, you get a special thrill from shaking things up. An instrument of change and evolution, you may revamp your profession or the way the world looks at your profession. You’re a messenger and are not afraid to say what’s on your mind. In fact, you’d suspect that you’d lost your edge if others don’t experience waves of shock and awe each time you launch a new theory or project. You work very hard and are relentlessly competitive (mostly with yourself). Few can keep up with your continual reinvention and energy level. There is only one of you, Leo. Whether you like it or not, you may become the standard bearer for your group, profession or generation. Much admired and frequently imitated, you do have your detractors. But even your detractors may come to admire you in time. You’re in it for the long haul, and are adaptable and driven enough to stay several steps ahead of your competition. The themes of sex, death, power, money and obsession loom large in your life. People can actually “feel” your potent presence and energy, even if you’re several feet away. Kinetic and charismatic, you continue to raise eyebrows and fascinate others well into your later years. Throughout life, your sensual, physical nature may attract powerful lessons that both humble and challenge you. Physical activity is essential, particularly if you have a nervous disposition. Frequent low fat, light meals throughout the day keep your energy level balanced. No matter how confident you appear or how high a level you function on, you harbor an inner secret storm that may bluster throughout your life. Because you're decisive, organized, and prepared in specialized areas, others assume that you're just as strong in other parts of your life. On some level, you're very desirous of approval but may hide your need for approbation beneath an almost haughty demeanor. You may have "mother" issues. Perhaps you didn't receive unconditional support, love and kindness from your mother, but struggled to prove your worth to her, anyway. A number of you may have grown up in the shadow of someone else and somehow felt "in the way." Because of your earliest experiences and possible feeling of rejection, you developed an incomparable imagination that rarely fails you and offers escape when you need it. Many of you are artistic, but may be better at encouraging other budding artists than yourself. Your feelings and pride can be wounded rather easily. When this happens, it's difficult for you to forgive another's faults or betrayal. To the outside world, you present a worldly, successful veneer. But inside, you crave the unconditional love, respect, trust, and security that may have eluded you early in life. This search for connection and idealized love may continue most of your life. Even after you've found a mate, a part of you never gives up looking for that perfect partner so clearly drawn in your imagination. Monogamy isn't exactly a breeze for you. You may surrender to it eventually, but are likely to face it grimly after a long struggle. You require peaceful surroundings and privacy, and may never quite accept the reality, limitations, or mundane features of your life. A part of you is always looking for something or someone better – a true dream lover. Anxiety, moodiness, respiratory, and dental problems may require medical assistance. Don't be afraid to seek help, Leo. 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