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Happy Birthday, Scorpio! You build your career and relationships with massive dedication and belief in a long, successful future. You expect the same loyalty, enthusiasm, and dedication from your partner or partners. Although you’re willing to put every ounce of strength into an enterprise or affair, others may not be as committed or willing to sacrifice as you are. Be realistic about this. If you expect others to give as much as you do, you may be setting yourself up for major disappointment. Others will give whatever they’re willing and able to give - nothing more or less. You must not apply your standards or expectations to others. In love with passion, honor, and romance, you adore the feeling of being completely enamored and swept off your feet. When you declare your allegiance, you mean it and will prove it again and again. Very few people are as willing to sacrifice so much for their beliefs. Other people’s commitment generally pales in comparison to yours. Recognize and accept that you are different - a truly exceptional person in a fairly predictable world. Don’t bother explaining yourself to others unless they show real sustained interest. Because you put so much of yourself into everything you do, your feelings can be deeply hurt. It’s difficult for you to reconcile others’ half-hearted gestures and hypocrisy with your bedrock efforts. This may periodically leave you feeling blue, misunderstood, or even jealous. You may sometimes give in to waves of resentment or disappointment, because others fail to repay your consideration or affection. When you stop expecting affirmation from others, you truly become powerful and bullet proof. Possessed with enormous curiosity and a powerful need to merge with the object of your desire, you seem to be in a constant state of transformation and evolution. This can sometimes make life an exhausting adventure. You’re so determined to get things right that you can become moody and frustrated with your work. No matter how superb your efforts, you nearly always find something missing or wrong. You’re highly spiritual, even mystical, and may dream of things just before they occur. Deja vu moments are not unusual for you. Your prescient vision of the world is a wondrous thing that must be shared with others. Your fertile brain is capable of developing innovations in so many areas, from artistic expression to high tech medical research. Because you like to feel strong and in control, you may have trouble releasing or presenting your work and opinions in a timely fashion. Every time you reexamine your efforts, you find room for improvement. You need to deliberately, consciously climb down from your ivory tower and apply your knowledge and skills in the real world. You cannot bear cacophony and unpredictable circumstances. You need to feel well prepared before entering the lion’s den. In some ways, you view most real world exchanges in warlike terms. You see each maneuver as a bid for power and control. This may be one reason why so many of you read and reread The Art of War. Your sense of being “destined” for leadership or greatness starts early in life and drives you to compete and win. You can be almost oblivious to pain or discomfort while chasing your version of the Holy Grail. Driven and ambitious, your warm, humorous, inviting side may not be readily apparent to most outsiders, but it’s definitely there. You understand the importance of image and can be masterful at concealing your vulnerability while single-mindedly striving for an important goal. Secretive and observant, very little gets past you. (And when something supposedly goes unnoticed, it’s only because you wanted it to.) You’re one of the most powerful, influential people in the zodiac. This gives you enormous stature and visibility, but may also make you a target for criticism and envy. You possess that wondrous Scorpio gift of survival and reinvention, making you seem to have nine lives. Courageous, inspiring, and memorable, your flame burns very hot and bright. Born this weekend are Marsh Lumpkin, F. Murray Abraham, Terry Buffin, Jimmy Dawkins, Corey Dillon, Jerry Edmonton, Ben Gilles, Kenny Holmes, Kevin Kline, Kweisi Mfume, Monica, Robby vanLeeuwen, B.D. Wong, Bill Wyman, Sonny Terry, Moss Hart, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Christina Aphlett, John Anderson, Jean Cooper, John Hall, Brian Kerwin, Midori, Tracy Nelson, Marion Ross, Chad Smith, Glenn Tipton, Anne Tyler, Chely Wright, Billy Barty, Georges Bizet, Aishile Gorky, Minnie Pearl, Pablo Picasso, Don Simpson, Johann Strauss, Jr., John Arden, Ralph Bakshi, Edward W. Brooke, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Pat Conroy, Cary Elwes, Bob Hoskins, Dylan McDermott, Natalie Merchant, Ivan Reitman, Jaclyn Smith, Keith Strickland, Keith Urban, Rita Wilson, Ted Demme, Mahalia Jackson, Charles W. Post, Don Siegel, and Leon Trotsky.