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Happy Birthday, Virgo! Although you understand the value of teamwork, you're a self-starting, independent individual at heart. You certainly don't mind sharing your knowledge, energy and skill with others - but detest it when anyone wastes your precious, limited time. You pride yourself on fulfilling obligations, responding appropriately, and never breaking promises. If you're thrown off schedule for any reason, it can be incredibly frustrating for you. You like things to be ship-shape and on time. You love – oh, let’s be honestLUST  feeling in control - even if it is only an illusion. As a card-carrying Virgo, the illusion of control is attached to comfort, reality, security and so on. Some of you are compulsive workaholics - and some, obsessive housekeepers, or so it seems. Take a gander under some snotty high-falutin’ “I’m so FANCY” bitch’s bed. You’ll find a collection of dust bunnies that belongs in the Smithsonian! Modest Virgos, however who are only fancy when the moment is right are religiously nursemaid and pamper friends and family. For your own happiness and emotional security, you must never let go of your traditions, oral history and family records. Genealogy probably fascinates you. One of the most endearing things you can do for your family is to trace your roots as far back as possible, and pass this personal history onto your heirs. You have a profound awareness of personal responsibility, appearance and reputation. You can be brutally self-critical of your physique and may battle weight fluctuation. Although you hate to admit it, the way someone or something looks really matters to you. You exhibit perfection and orderliness blended with fairness and consideration, making you a fabulous organizer. You look beyond your own satisfaction and pay close attention to the health and integrity of the group. You feel a keen responsibility to be a good example for the people you're in charge of - or even your friends. You have a strong appreciation for music, fragrance and sensual ambiance. You intuitively understand the importance of making an excellent impression the first time, and are gifted at knowing how to make yourself memorable. You notice things that others often overlook, and possess an amazing ability to zero in on fine points that ultimately separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. But that's not all. You have a gift for selecting the right people for the right jobs and relationships. You'd probably make an excellent matchmaker. You're an unbeatable executive, fundraiser, team leader and relationship builder. Your only weakness is your tendency to give up practically everything (including a substantial portion of your common sense) for love. Madly in love with love, you claim to feel much better when you're waist deep in romance. Love is responsible for your biggest highs and most brutal lows. To save yourself unnecessary pain and suffering, choose friends and lovers echo your interests and respect you as a person. If you were born on Sunday, you're on the cusp of Virgo and Libra and manifest traits of both signs. Your communication skills are highly tuned and slightly bent, sometimes making you the topic of conversation and the center of attention. You are not afraid of controversy - but shudder at the thought of being ignored or invisible. So, agent provocateur that you are, you rise to each challenge and keep everyone slightly off balance. You like to tweak other's boundaries, just to see how far they’ll let you go. Sometimes you go way over the line, pushing yourself and everyone near you to the breaking point. Addiction, obsession and all kinds of compulsive extremes could interrupt your colorful, creative life. Your imagination is limitless, and enables you to envision things that others marvel at. Because of your talent, others may excuse some of your self-destructive or self-indulgent behavior - which really isn’t doing you a favor. This underlines the importance of surrounding yourself with brutally honest, loyal friends. You may have loads of buried anger or frustration that manifests at inopportune times, such as when you've had too much to drink or during special occasions or holidays. Don’t become an addictive cliché; you're far too interesting and unique for that. Wrap your mind around something significant. Your gifts and interests truly set you apart from the herd. And speaking of being 'set apart,' you require plenty of privacy. Communication is so important to your mental health. You need to feel heard. If you feel ignored, or suspect that others are not giving you proper respect, you become irate and highly insulted. Focus more on your talents and gifts and less on petty personality matters. You truly have a lot to offer the world, but need to stay on point. 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