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Happy Birthday! You were born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, giving you attributes of both signs. You possess the generosity and creativity of Leo, as well as the attention to detail and scrupulous planning associated with Virgo. You suffer over every major decision, sometimes staying up all night in order to verify every option with respected experts. Even after you've triple checked facts, you still worry that a fatal error lurks just beneath the surface. You take your responsibilities excruciatingly seriously. Although your sense of wry humor, excellent timing, and love of art and beauty give you the aura of a bon vivant, you never completely outgrow your chicken-little fear that the falling sky is aimed directly at you. So you over-prepare, overcompensate and over-protect loved ones. Self-critical, particularly about your job performance and appearance, you never quite measure up to your vision of perfection. Once you're nearing retirement age, you might finally be able to recognize how important your efforts and contributions have been. Your digestion may be a thorn in your side. Many of you are bothered by heartburn, while others are troubled by lower tract problems. The more you worry, the worse it gets. It's so important to find a fulfilling line of work - something that makes you feel necessary, connected and worthy. You can never feel good about yourself until you believe you're making a substantial contribution. You are the alchemist of the zodiac, distilling knowledge to a fine concentration. You're a specialist, particularly in your youth. Oftentimes, you shine in class and competitions, largely because you are so fiercely focused that nothing can shake your concentration. Although many of you grew up immersed in a miasma of mixed messages, you found a way to escape family or ethnic confusion by fixating on a plan, course of study or interest. In other words, your remarkable gift of specialization may have developed from a need to escape. Most of you possess a junkyard dog work ethic. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can drag you away from your mission. People that know you well have no qualms about putting their money or futures in your capable hands. They realize that you'd just as soon chew off your own foot than let them down. You must have privacy each and every day. If your career demands gobs of interaction, you'll rise to the occasion and never miss a beat. But when it comes to making critically important choices, you must be cordoned off from all distractions. Your mind is an incredible instrument, very finely tuned and unusually sensitive to noise and odors. Although specialization is your game, you do get bored with the same activity day in and day out; so you eventually develop your next specialty. Every few years, you slip out of your chrysalis and emerge as a brand new species. Before the end of your life, you know a great deal about disparate interests and careers. You have a soulful, soft side, too. Because your career may take you to rarified heights, your private life may be temporarily delayed or not fully expressed. Since your greatest goal is to teach, help and lift up others, you eventually find yourself in a helping profession. In your youth, you may have rebelled against this, but eventually each one of you willingly comes back to center. Creative, persuasive, often playful, you live life to the fullest - even if that means falling flat on your face. You possess just enough Leo to remind you that experience is the best teacher. This part of you fearlessly pursues truth, adventure and heartbreak, and then reconstitutes each experience into an allegory for others to learn from. At times, you feel all thumbs emotionally - probably even self-conscious or inhibited. Once you’re able to recognize that mistakes are superior learning tools, you're able to relax and just be. You’re a winner, through and through! Curious, persistent and sometimes otherworldly, you relish solving mysteries, exploring the depths of human behavior, and uncovering bare bones truth. Yours is not idle curiosity. Facts and information help you feel less worried and a lot more in control. As a child, you were frightened of the unknown and unexpected, and may have experienced scary nightmares. As you've matured, you've learned to harness and tame your active mind, and balance fear with fact. Not surprisingly, the more you know, the more you want to know. You learn that pat, one-size-fits-all answers are woefully inadequate. Undaunted by this, you take all the information you have available and burrow even deeper into a mystery. You want to know WHY things happen, and don't believe in random accidents. Instead, you believe that once the technology is available, most occurrences will have logical explanations. You enjoy the process of immersing yourself in a challenge or conundrum, following every lead and red herring, and eventually surfacing with a solution in hand - or at least a defendable argument. Because of your fascination and acceptance of life's complexities, you may have difficulty with simple 'yes' or 'no' answers. Nothing is simple in your eyes. Everything is a maze of complex detail. It's so important to not over-schedule your life. You need downtime to relax and process what happens. Your tendency is to neglect your needs and to barrel along at warp speed. This can lead to anxiety or illness, real or imagined. You need time to release tension every single day. 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