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Happy Birthday, Scorpio!  (For all sweet babies arriving on Planet Earth any time after 7:57 am edt when the Sun scoots into Scorpio making those little angels Scorpios. Every year, the earth wobbles a little, changing the exact moment the Sun exits one sign and enters next one – just not necessarily the same time every time. Although your wish is to live a balanced, pleasant life, chances are you’ll be knee deep in adventure and surprise much of the time. No matter how often you declare your sincere desire for peace and harmony, your actions and relationships lure you toward uncharted territory. You cannot deny your attraction to power, alchemy and intense competition. You might experience the most satisfaction by living a double life, i.e., by maintaining a prestigious career but engaging in a controversial, dangerous or risky hobby. The most fortunate among you find ways to successfully blend and balance disparate desires and needs. Personal relationships are incredibly important, but require great commitment, patience and discipline. Some of you may never be comfortable giving up your devilish side and surrendering to monogamy, partially because you find it almost impossible to refuse a challenge or an irresistible lure. Your competitive, creative urges are powerful, almost guaranteeing success and notoriety - if you're able to maintain discipline. Staying power isn't your forte, but is critical to build and maintain success and satisfaction. You must give things adequate time before stomping off in disgust. You're an innovator, often the first out of the gate - and usually the one that everyone imitates. Born today are Blessed Son of Dr.Alissa CHRISTOPHER JAY, Jessica Stroup, Ang Lee, Sam Raimi, Bill Taylor, Michael Crichton, Pele, Diana Dors, Anita Roddick, Philip Kaufman, Johnny Carson, Dwight Yoakam, Doug Flutie, Charlie Foxx, Ellie Greenwich, Brian Nevin, Greg Ridley, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Paul Rudolph, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Zimmerman, Harvey Penick, Keith Van Horn, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Al Leiter, Masiela Lusha, Daryl Price, Mike Tomczak, Brent Williams, John Heisman, Adlai Stevenson and Frank Rizzo.