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Happy Birthday! Born in the first decanate of Taurus, you are all Taurus, all the way! Material things may symbolize permanence or stability for you. Material things may symbolize permanence or stability for you. Because of your appreciation and attachment to things, you may become a world-class collector of prized objects. You find enormous attractiveness in worldly, powerful people. Age and appearance are less important than a person’s mental and physical command of his or her environment. Success thrills and inspires you, so you surround yourself with people you admire and respect. Your Achilles heel is your determination to dominate or control what you perceive as yours. This may be your lover, kids, employees, or immediate environment. When in doubt, try using a light, less controlling approach. Because weight gain could eventually become a problem, develop simple, healthy dietary habits.  Music may play a definitive role in your life. Besides being an important mode of expression and enjoyment, you might make your living through music, the arts, or your voice. People often comment on your distinctive look and communication style. You’re a unique blend of earthy and ethereal characteristics. You can be dogmatic and stubborn at times, but visionary at others. Once you’re confronted by an unacceptable situation, you obsess over it until matters are satisfactorily resolved. Your handshake is as good as a written document. When you form friendships, you intend to maintain them for life. Privacy is essential and even your closest friends are expected to not cross certain lines. Guided by intuition and inspiration, you cover your tracks with facts and details to satisfy a logic-hungry world. But behind each move is pure alchemy. You’re more sensitive and emotional than casual acquaintances realize; in fact, your feelings can be easily wounded. You’re deeply affected by the environment and esthetics. Unvarnished nature fills a real emotional need. Because you tend to give any undertaking your very best, you must create balance in your life. After a day of dedicated discipline and effort, allow yourself complete relaxation to restore energy and enthusiasm. One sure-fire indicator that you’re out of balance is a short-tempered, crabby mood.  Sometimes your perspective is thrown out of whack and you feel put upon or used by others. Be aware of self-pity and nip it in the bud. No matter how independent you think you are, you enjoy being needed and connected. Self-pity creates isolation, making it a luxury you cannot afford. A sensual, hot-blooded being, you enjoy being touched. You also enjoy the texture of things. From cashmere to smooth marble, you delight in tactile variety. Colors also affect your mood, especially combining medium warm colors with deep, cool hues. This is both satisfying and balancing for you. Your living and working environment have a huge impact on your emotions and state of mind. Born today are Maria Bello, Eric McCormack, Conan O’Brien, Eric Roberts, James Woods, Jane Leeves, Clarence Brown, Greg Eklund, Ed Garvey, Melissa Joan Hart, Huntington Hartford, Hayley Mills, Rick Moranis, Les Pattinson, Cindy Pickett, Jim Scholten, Wendy Barrie, Clarence Darrow, Skip Spence, Leopold Stokowski and Lucrezia Borgia.