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Happy Birthday, Scorpio! You know how to build a better, more alluring mousetrap. You gather reams of information, get advice from the best people you can find, and set out to create a bigger, better solution. Your winning ways certainly come in handy, as does your notorious intuition (that only fails you when you fail to listen to it). Your highly tuned nervous system and responsive emotions make you keenly sensitive to the environment. This includes other people's thoughts, intentions and moods. You can be powerfully affected by others' emotional storms, and may have mixed feelings about your often-unwanted psychic sensitivity. Sometimes, the world is too much with you, and you wish you could be innocent and blissfully unaware. Many times, you've viewed your 'gift' as both blessing and curse. You are empathetic and have deep compassion for others' suffering. You actually experience a level of that suffering right along with them. Preparation is a huge priority for you. You detest feeling in the dark, and will go to great lengths to make certain you understand the issue or task at hand. Being prepared is a matter of pride and self-respect. Your powers to sell, promote and convince are so well developed that you're likely to have a great impact on others' lives. You understand this, and recognize how mighty your influence can be. You may be inordinately convinced that a particular method or theory is correct, and stick to it like glue - even when mounting evidence indicates that your convictions no longer apply. Don't allow stubborn pride to trip you up, Scorpio. Keep an open, receptive, facile mind. Even if your job or title gives you the trappings of authority, make a point to never assume that your way is the ultimate path. Flexibility isn't an easy gig for you, but is incredibly necessary. Secretive, territorial and protective of the people and ideals you cherish, you are likely to achieve success and a certain amount of fame or notoriety. Learn to relax your body and mind. Develop breathing exercises that minimize anxiety, stress, and anger you’ve held onto. Born today are Winona Ryder, Richard Dreyfuss, Rufus Sewell, Kate Jackson, Yasmin Le Bon, Edmund Halley, Fanny Brice, Melba Moore, Cleo Laine, Joely Fisher, Peter Green, Finola Hughes, Neal Hefti, Randy Jackson, Sonny Osbourne, Peter Timmins, Mike Crawford, Mike Gartner, Bob Goodenow, Johann Koss, Denny Laine, Denis Potvin, Tracee Ross, Peter Stampfel, Jean Giraudoux and Bill Mauldin.