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Happy Birthday, Virgo! Although love is wonderful, respect may be even better in your eyes. Your work, performance and contributions truly define you and are the cornerstone of your self-worth. If others ignore or dismiss your efforts, your sense of rejection can be crushing. You may be a perfectionist expecting far more from yourself than any other human being. You tend to have difficulty accepting compliments, and may have to learn to graciously embrace others' praise. So on one hand, you're crushed when others fail to recognize your excellence, but are unable to accept (or truly believe) another's enthusiastic endorsement. What gives? You never feel quite done with a job, relationship or project. You have trouble moving forward because you're so insistent on perfecting what you've already accomplished. You tend to attract dissent, controversy and at times, anger. Never react defensively. Humor is your best body armor- although it does take time and patience to perfect. Because your work has everything to do with self-esteem, you may never feel totally comfortable just relaxing - unless, of course, you're sick. Since illness seems to be the only bona fide excuse to skip work, you may actually make yourself sick when you need some time off. Most of you eventually become leaders or authorities in your field. You take a lot of ribbing and criticism while climbing the ladder of success, and may view others with a certain amount of cynicism. You have a lofty dream or Joan d'Arc passion to pursue. Focused and strong-willed, you refuse to back down when you're convinced of your righteousness. You're better at being your own boss than obediently kowtowing to others. And you can't help pointing out others' hypocrisy or inconsistencies, often in a biting, acerbic way. Witty, bright and way ahead of the pack, you're in a rarified category. You're so good at what you do that some see you as a threat. Romantically, you tend to fall in love with another's ideas and potential as much as his or her physicality. Compulsive about reaching a goal, you're a formidable opponent that rarely (if ever) backs down. Born today are Alan Dershowitz, Walter Reuther, Rocky Marciano, Dr. Phil McGraw, Gloria Estefan, Dee Dee Myers, ex-governor Ann Richards, Barry Gibb, Lily Tomlin, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Richard Farnsworth, Vittorio Gassman, Johann Pachelbel, Seiji Ozawa, Greg Errico, Charlie Robison, Conway Twitty, Leonard Slatkin, Camile Velasco, Ron O'Neal, Art Pepper and Scott Speedman.