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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! You care what others think, and aim to have a close-knit, loyal group of friends and supporters, particularly during the first half of your life. In order to gain others' approval and friendship, you place great emphasis on social and political occasions - anything that involves large gatherings. You believe that participation in causes that mirror your philosophy is imperative, and may be more of a joiner than isolationist in your youth. You also have a deep well of imagination and a pronounced capacity for fantasy. This makes you even more appealing and entertaining to others, but may also be the trigger that pushes you into addiction or other compulsive patterns. You enjoy escape and all the relief and pleasure it offers. Consequently, alcohol and drugs have special appeal. What you view as normal socializing may actually be excessive or addictive. Because you can be an incredibly convincing communicator, you know how to use words and shape ideas to get a desired response. Like Svengali, you're able to talk others out of their commonsense and into your private version of reality. But you may also trick yourself into believing that certain negative activities or habits are harmless or justified. It is essential that you maintain relationships with people who are not afraid to occasionally read you the riot act and drag you back to reality. Without this kind of balance, you run the risk of spinning further out into an alternative universe. Bright and articulate, you are a master of self-justification. You adore a heated, passionate debate and are unafraid of opponents. You can finesse information out of others in a commanding way, making you a gifted attorney or politician. Unfortunately, you still have that famous Sagittarian naivete and may eventually be betrayed by someone you trust. As time goes by, you may decide that isolation or a small select group of family members and long-term friends are the only people you want or need in your life. Be careful of addictions, dietary indiscretions, and very particular about whom you befriend. Born today are Billy Connolly, Clem Burke, Martin Charnin, Shae D'Lyn, Colin Hanks, Marlin Fitzwater, Lucky Luciano, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Pete Best, William F. Buckley, Jr., Bev Bevan, Donny Brady, Duck Dunn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Chris Hayes, Terry Lewis, Curtis Marsh, Lee Michaels, Oscar Robertson, Dawn Robinson, Svetlana, Paul Tagliabue, Chad Taylor, Dale Carnegie, Howard Duff, Linda Tripp, Ted Bundy, Scott Joplin, Garson Kanin, Father Junipero Serra, John Lindsay and Bat Masterson.