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Happy Birthday! And a HUGE BIRTHDAY HUG SMOOGE to THE Boss of Sarasota: TERRENCE MCKEE!!!!You were born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, giving you traits of both signs. Your particular cusp is disarming, combining the intense mystery of Scorpio and playful imagination of Sagittarius. This can create a sort of 'naughty schoolgirl' vibe in some, but generate a mystical philosophical vibe in others. Being cuspal gives you an X-factor that sets you apart, making you even more intriguing. Your sense of humor can be bitingly sarcastic at times, but ribald and obvious at others. Shoving you into one narrow category is useless. You're a complex, surprising work in progress. You learn by observing and imitating. Once you've successfully mastered mimicking someone else, you can begin creating your own unique style. You're very smart to combine the best of others, refine it, and then build upon it. It's recommended that you engage in formal or classic training before attempting to develop your own unique style. Because you are difficult to pigeonhole, your efforts and excellence may go unnoticed while lesser talents receive more attention. Eventually, you will be vindicated - as long as you remain determined and persistent instead of giving up in disgust. Siblings may bring pleasure and pain. Perhaps you emulate a sister or brother. Perhaps you find yourself in competition with him or her. Either way, friction may exist in family relationships. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Because you may pantomime a sibling (or they, you), this could be viewed as endorsement of another's obvious talent or skill. Often a late bloomer, it may take you longer to find your calling or the love of your life. Funny, curious and often bawdy, you know how to use your body, voice, and wit to get others' rapt attention. Your twinkling eyes seem to gleefully say, "I know more than you do." You enjoy teasing, playing pranks, and piling on delicious double entendres. You adore keeping others guessing and slightly off balance - wondering what the heck you’re talking about - and puzzling over what you really MEAN. Words are for entertainment, learning and experimentation. Your natural gift with words makes you a clever speaker, teacher, writer or entertainer. Humor is never far away from your consciousness - even when you're in a fairly dark mood. You're able to unearth twisted bits of hilarity in the most woebegone circumstances. It's therapeutic - and helps prevent emotional or spiritual despair. Like all people born at this time, you must have hope. Without hope, you lose the will to keep going; but even the flimsiest figment of hope generates enough stamina to beat the odds. A creature of heart and soul, you respond to life in an almost feral way. You sense what is about to occur. You feel others' moods, wants and needs. Your inner worrywart demands that you carefully compile lists, facts and figures in preparation for important decisions; but ultimately your heart makes the choice for you. Like all Scorpio/Sagittarius-influenced people, you're approachable and real, no matter how accomplished or sophisticated. Never ever allow anyone to squash your spirit. You send out perplexing alluring signals to friends and lovers, pulling them in closer, but also keeping them slightly at bay. This is typical Scorpio/Sagittarius behavior. Although you're hot-blooded with loads of lusty desire, you fiercely guard your freedom and independence. If others become clingy, possessive, demanding or dependent, they run the risk of being dismissed without much explanation. Your best friends and lovers are secure enough to not intrude into your private thoughts and treasured solitary moments. Like all people born on your cusp, you require daily 'alone' time to process information and rejuvenate your soul. Communal living generally doesn't work for you. Many of you are artists, writers, or otherwise creatively inclined, and need time to think without nosy interference or persistent yapping. You enjoy walking through your fantasies and projections, exploring possible outcomes. Born this glorious pre-holiday Weekend are TERRENCE MCKEE, Bjork, Tina Brown, Marcy Carsey, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dr. John, Goldie Hawn, Natalia Makarova, Jena Malone, Fiachna O’Braonain, Kelsi Osborn, David Porter, Harold Ramis, Brian Ritchie, Nicollette Sheridan, Marlo Thomas, Voltaire, Jamie Lee Curtis, Oscar Pistorius, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Marg Helgenberger, and Miley Cyrus.