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Happy Birthday, Libra! You were born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio and reflect pretty amazing qualities associated with both signs. You have a generous supply of Libran charm and social finesse, as well as ample amounts of Scorpio intensity and drive. Although many of you are stunningly attractive, your magnetism reaches out and pulls others closer no matter what your appearance may be. You have little regard for shallow, obtuse dilettantes. In your eyes, the world is a complex, yet fairly predictable place. You study people, politics, and economics. You investigate cycles and the psychology behind behavior and events. You take things to heart, and when you believe you've failed to live up to your responsibilities, it feels like a stake in your heart. Although you may indulge, pamper and spoil the ones you love, you can be a super strict taskmaster with yourself. A goal setter from childhood on, you keep yourself on a short leash and probably expect more from yourself than from others. You function better in small groups than in large ones, probably because you're put off by the apparent lack of control and organization in larger gatherings. You worry. Because you're intelligent and thoughtful, you understand the implications of things. You cannot ignore the facts or 'dumb down' and stop thinking about the possibilities. You worry for yourself and others yet to be born. When people look at your face, they sense wisdom, seduction and secrets. No matter how young or old, your face harbors a treasure trove of experience - and most of all, mystery. Born today are Sonia Ong, Catherine Deneuve, Jeff Goldblum, Shaggy, Constance Bennett, Sarah Bernhardt, Valeria Golino, Joan Fontaine, Franz Liszt, Timothy Leary, Brian Boitano, Marvin Bush, Jan De Bont, Zac Hanson, Derek Jacobi, Alan Ladd, Jr., Jonathan Lipnicki, Christopher Lloyd, Shelby Lynne, Sid Miller, Dory Previn, Tony Roberts, Sir Francis Drake, Annette Funicello, Cris Kirkwood, Leonard Marshall and Tyrone Williams.